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  • Low NOx gas&oil fired boiler

Low NOx gas&oil fired boiler

Rated evaporation: 1/2/4/6/10 t/h
Rated steam pressure: 1.0/1.25Mpa
Rated steam temperature: 184/193℃
Rated feed water temperature: 20℃
Thermal efficiency: 92%
Design fuel: natural gas


Low nitrogen combustion of low nitrogen oil gas boiler is the most widely used,economic and applicable technology. It reduces the formation of NOx by changing the combustion condition of combustion equipment. Specifically speaking, NOx formation or destructed NOx have been generated are inhibited by regulating the combustion temperature, oxygen concentration included in flue gas, as well as changing flue gas residence time in the high temperature zone.
Low nitrogen oil gas boiler utilizes certain equipment, blowing gas from boiler outlet into the boiler once again so as to reduce flame temperature, hence it inhibits NOx. In order to perfect this technique,oil and gas boiler structure and the design were tested and recorded various times by our boiler R & D Personnel,through continuous optimization, NOX emission has been controlled in the standard range.
Low nitrogen combustion technology has been the most widely used, economical and practical measures. NOx formation can be reduced by the ways of changing burner burning condition, specifically speaking, we can inhibit NOx formation or destruct the generated NOx by regulating the combustion temperature, oxygen concentration in flue gas, flue gas in the high temperature zone residence time.
Low nitrogen oil gas boiler is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, textile industry, building materials industry, breeding industry, food and beverage industry, plastic foam industry, printing and washing industry, rubber processing, paper making, wood processing,etc.


1. Ultra low NOX emission
Advanced FRG combustion technology, significantly reduces harmful substances emissions , NOX<27mg/m3
2. A variety of monitoring functions to ensure safe operation
Incrustation monitoring, gas temperature detection, water level protection, pressure protection, over temperature alarm, abnormal power protection, flameout protection, gas leak detection and other protection devices to guarantee security operation to maximum extent.
3. Top arranged condenser to save space
The condenser is arranged on the top of boiler, which satisfies compact structure and no grounding occupying area; reverse flow arrangement structure, large heat exchange temperature difference and good heat transfer performance.
4. Intelligent operation ensures absolute clear status
Adopt high resolution monochrome touch screen or color touch screen (optional); burner can be displayed dynamically and timely; circulating pump, other operating conditions and the flame state change are absolute clear.
5. Low fuel cost reduces consumer spending
Original condenser utilizes fuel gas waste heat furthest, which can improve boiler thermal efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Technical Parameters

WNS Series Oil/Gas Low NOx Boiler Outline And Connector Dimension

Boiler Item Boiler Item
mm L:3700mm
Weight t 5 8 13 18.6 22
Main Body Valve Tube Diameter DNmm 50 80 100 125 150
Feed Water Valve Tube Diameter DNmm 32 32 40 50 50
Safty Valve Tube Diameter DNmm 2x40 2x40 2x50 80、50 2x80
Blowdown Valve Tube Diameter DNmm 40 50 50 50 50
Chimney Diameter φmm 250 350 450 550 700

Remark: QiangDing Boiler reserves the right to modify the data in above table without notify the user since the product renews unceasingly.

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